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Deb Carlson
Personal Information
52 years young and years into the hobby 36 years.

Started with real horses back when I was 13. Started in 4H and stepped up to Morgan horses. Rode and worked with all disciplines. I started grooming for major stables in the Minnesota area. For almost 10 years of all breeds. Some of the best horses to ride was a national champion cutting horse and two weeks later a five gaited horse in a rack boy both with power to burn just different powers. I loved it. My mother was a breeder of some of the top Morgans in the Midwest when she passed away.

Started training my Doberman at 15 finished him to CD at 16. It was nice to see those little green ribbons and even won a trophy once for the highest scored Doberman in novice classes. I also did well in 4H with him. My mother bought two Wired Haired Dachshunds the breeder started showing my Trucker (Shelwin’s Peterbuilt) and after a specialty show came home with his two majors then the lead was given to me to finish him. He was the love of my life. His brother was an awesome home dog.

At 16 I had a horse kick me and broke my leg. Not just broke, so almost 7 months in a cast put a lot of my dog and horse showing on the side. My mother's friend gave me 2 of her older models. A Bay Glossy Eye White Quarter Horse with the halter on and a Family Arabian Stallion in Glossy Grey Appy. I still have those two. I started showing photo shows when we did polorids, halters/bridles made of yarn. Saddles made of felt. LOL it was fun to get to know people thru the mail. Read the JAH magazines learn of the live shows the big one back then with Marney Walrus Show in Chicago. Your 16 and would love to go. Never got to go that time. Life goes on find out playing with real horses is not paying the bills so had to get a real job. Real jobs bring real life I kept collecting but not doing much with the models. I started working a job that was many many hours and real horses need more time then I had to give so I went back to models in '88. I found an ad for Sue Rowe, she had moved and she was living 3 blocks from my Aunt so I thought I’d stop in. The rest is history. I started live showing right after, judging right after that. I have learned from both real horse judges and model horse judges. I did finally make it to Congress the last year Marney had it. The Model did. World of old is not like it is today. I can sit here and write all the many awards and things I have done but my biggest award is the fact I have made so many friends all over the world with this hobby. Never close your mind for there is always room to add more knowledge………

My email address is Deb Carlson

Norma Blackwell Past Judging Experience:
Model:  IKC Online 2002 - 2006, IKC Mail In 2005, Westminster Toy Group 2006.
Real Life:  Oregon Ranch Dog Trials 7/06.
My email address is Norma Blackwell

Sallie George
I live in Lugoff, SC. I have several college degrees but I was a stay home mom when my children were younger. I did home school my daughter, Angel Haddock Gordon from sixth grade until she got her GED. I was a 4-H leader in my county for about six years. For three years, I had a Horseless Horse Club. For the first two years we had a youth live show for the members. In 2001 we sponsored a live show for the youth and open showers. We raised over $1000 from entrant fees and our live auction in 2001. It was Angel’s love of Breyer horses that got me started on collecting model dogs. Leigh McDonald who started the model dog yahoo group in 2000 advertised on Haynet about the hobby. I joined the model dog message board that same year. I started collecting model dogs with the Breyer canines being first in my collection. I probably have had in my personal collection close to 500 models, but I have either sold or given away many of them. Now I have about 300 models. I have bought several glassed in cabinets to keep them in for display and to keep them dust free as possible. In 2002 I started photo showing my models. In that same year, Barbara Rzepka wanted someone to take her working and herding club, which I volunteered to be the new president. I renamed the club: National Model Working and Herding Club (NMWHC). In 2005, we celebrated the working and herding club’s twenty-fifth anniversary! It is hard to believe that I have been president for almost five years. I do have quite a collection of model dogs. My favorites are the Chihuahuas since Angel and I raise Chihuahuas. Since I am president of the NMWHC, I have a nice collection of the working and herding breeds. I do have favorite canine artists: Jayne Sabino, Gina Hall, Terry Martin, Morg Haberman, Tami Bradford, Cynthia Murphy, Marilyn Jensen and Leslie Rothhaar. (sorry if I have forgotten anybody!) I enjoy going to real dog shows to see the breeds "in person." I do have quit a library of dog books on conformation and performance. I never get tired of learning about any of the breeds. I hope to stay president of NMWHC forever! I want my granddaughter, Jasmine Noel Gordon to take it over one day. She is only a year old now. I was invited to Breyerfest® in 2006 to have a seminar on the model dog and cat hobbies. I have been invited back to do another seminar in 2007. For almost two years I have been writing a column for a magazine that comes out of Australia called, "Canine Collectibles Courier." You can check them out at http://www.erinrac.com/courier/magcont.htm and some of my dogs even made the cover!
Past Judging Experience:
Model:  I have been judging since 2001 for all the clubs. I judged the working and herding breeds for the 2004 and 2005 Model dog Westminster. I write a column for a magazine, "Canine Collectible Courier." President of the National Model Working and Herding Club. I have a free newsletter for those people who show in my club. In 2007 I plan to show in NMWHC, PC, NSAT, AMTC and IKC.
Real Life Judging:   None but studying. My photo credit is me with Roy "Dusty" Rogers Jr at Breyerfest in 1999
My email address is Sallie George

Cynthia Jameson
I live on a small ranch in Grants Pass, Oregon. I offically retired from training horses in October of 2006. I raised Australian Cattle Dogs for over 30 years. Sadly, all my beloved dogs have now passed over the Rainbow Bridge but I know they are waiting for me. I have real life experience with Poodles, Chihuahuas, Great Danes, German Shorthair Retriever and Rhodesian Ridgeback. I've been happily single since 1984. I found out about the model dog hobby from searching the Yahoo Message Board in 2001. I have a very large collection of model dogs and I base my collection solely upon competition in all the various different breeds, genders and age divisions. My goalis to try to become more competitive in dog performance and to further my education of all the various 400 plus breeds of dogs both AKC and non AKC recognized. I spend several hours a week reading up on dog breeds and dog performance activities. I have a growing collection of dog breed encyclopedias and dog performance books. I have also been mailing off to dog education contacts with the AKC for real material for certification.
Past Judging Experience:
Model:  I've just every group club and every group in IKC. Stil waiting and hoping to hold the first National MDHA Dog Show so I can judge that! :^)
Real Life Judging:   None but studying.
My email address is Cynthia Jameson

Janice Williford
I live in Washington State with my husband Ian and my 5 (soon to be 6) year old son Stephen and 5 cats ranging from ages 16 to 2. I am currently a Stay At Home Mom (not as easy as it sounds...sigh!), and I customize Model Horses and Dogs to stay sane and for the fun of it at this point. I am currently only showing in IKC (the Old IMEHA show and hopefully now here) with my dogs, but I do take several to the local Live Model Horse Shows in the area as well, as most of them have a General Dog show during lunch (no breeds, just all dogs at once...sigh!). I found the IMEHA IKC site when I was referred to IMEHA in 2004 by another Model Horse Shower. I started with a few customs I had done, then bought a few Great Dane Customs from Cynthia Murphy of CSM Designs, and of course had to show them...needless to say the model dogs have taken over a large part of my China Hutch since then! Trying to keep up with Cynthia Jamison is impossible, I have discovered, and my pocket book thanks me for no longer trying...haha! I am also very lucky to have my son enjoy photography at his young age and to have him share my joy of showing. I have been owned by dogs of the muttly persuasion most of my life, and have lots of experience being dragged behind a leash and following behind my dogs with the shovel. I have also owned two VERY different Siberian Husky Bitches. The first was from a Top Seattle Area Breeder, and was my 18th Birthday present. She went on to teach me humility and that training a Husky to do what you want is nigh impossible. Now, if you ASK them to do something nicely...maybe! HEE! She also taught me to love that unruly breed. My second Siberian Husky was a Puppy Mill Bred Pet Store Bitch...who is actually featured in my photograph. Nikki was 14 in that photo taken in 2005. Nikki taught me YEARS of patience, and that a dog that is 50 pounds can fit through a hole in the fence that is fist sized. She taught me to not run after her, but to jump in my car and DRIVE after her (she had to be part Greyhound...she was incredibly fast). Nikki crossed the Rainbow Bridge with her mutt partner, Jack of Spades in the fall of 2005, having had arthritis catch up to her finally. I am currently dog-less, but only because we are trying to time a new puppy in our lives to correspond with our son's being ready to deal with one...he gets to pick one out, and it will be his (yeah...right) to take care of. Hopefully, we will all be ready next year. During my long life, I have worked for several Breeders, two Breeders of Malamutes, and one of Elkhounds. I have fed, exercised, played, cleaned up after, bathed and groomed both breeds. Malamutes are BIG and sweet, and just a blast to be around. They like to goof around and have fun. The Elkhounds I worked with were a more serious breed, they had fun, but were not quite as outgoing. They liked to sit next to you and get scruffed, rather than run around playing. Because of my experience, I got to attend several shows, but never in a judging capacity. I think I prefer to sit on the sidelines and relax and drool! I like to collect mostly larger breeds, my favorites being the Sled Dog types, but I also love Bull Terrier's and Great Danes. I would never own one due to the high activity, but I always loved Asta in the Thin Man movies, so I also have a soft spot for the Wired Haired Terrier types. I can find beauty in every dog I have ever seen or met, that is what makes dogs special.
Past Judging Experience:
Model:  IMEHA IKC since 2004
Real Life Judging:  No Thanks, I prefer to stroll and look and drool!
My email address is Janice Williford

Andrea Robbins
Dogs have been a part of my entire life, from an imaginary dog pack with breeds and names that accompanied me to grade school, to real pets such as a Newfoundland, 2 Golden Retrievers and a couple of mutts I had through the years, and most recently to model dogs. And through most of my life, growing up in NJ, then settling down in NH, I have been a dog artist. I think that is my strongest qualification for being a model dog judge. To be an accurate dog artist, an artist needs to have a natural eye for color and especially for proportions. Judging a dog, be it live or a model, has a lot to do with being able to mentally measure proportions and compare them to the standard or to a photograph or an artist's rendering of the Ideal. I have judged some model dog groups for IKC and IKC Westminster. I have, so far, shown in the 2006 IKC Westminster, and my first attempt at re-sculpting and repainting a model dog achieved BIS. I do hope to help out with more judging and to add a few choice dog models to my collection for showing online. One of my real-life Golden Retrievers was a pick-of-the-litter, show dog. Unfortunately she never enjoyed showing and the judges could see that, so her show career was short-lived. But from that brief experience I did learn that the world of showing real dogs was not the friendly social environment I had hoped for; it was a very competitive world. I am so happy to have found the hobby of showing model dogs instead, because, as with showing model horses, this hobby has the most wonderful, unselfish, and enthusiastic people around. I have made more friends through showing models than through any other activity I have ever been involved with. My image is a pastel portrait I did of my "show dog", Puma, as a puppy, and her Champion and UDT father, Thornelea Unintentionally (Tent).
Past Judging Experience:
Model:  IKC Online 2006, Westminster 2006.
My email address is Andrea Robbins

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