Dog Show Ring Entrance

To show your Model Dog with any of the dog shows that are currently online you need to go over to the Show Ring. You will find this URL at: Dog Show Arena. Click on "Register Here" and follow the instructions below.

Entering Your Dog
Photo Show Rules

  1. Entrants must join by registering a Kennel Name and recording a password. Please be sure to name your kennel something easy and to remember the EXACT spelling of the kennel name and your password. Entrants will then upload and be responsible for making all entries, deletions and repairs to their images. Again, be sure to use both a Kennel name and password that are easy to remember and write them down somewhere safe. I use the method of emailing myself an email with my Kennel name and password and that way I keep it in my HOLD folder if I forget it.

  2. You should receive a notice that you are approved within 24 hours of signing up. If you don't the email to approve your login has not reached your inbox. You may have a spam filter on. Contact me Cynthia Jameson right away and I'll approve you manually so you can get started entering the shows.

  3. Photos must be in .jpg format and no larger than 450 pixels in width and or height, scanned at not greater than 300 dpi or less, and with a file size of 100k or less. This will be strictly enforced and any other images will be resized by show uploader or deleted at their discretion.

  4. Photos that have been copyrighted, signed or named somewhere on the photo will be allowed as long as the writing or copyright mark does not cover the dog in any manner.

  5. Framed or oval shaped photos will NOT be allowed.

Entering Your Dog
Step By Step Instructions For Using the PHP Program

  1. Once you have received notification that your Kennel has been registered, ie. approved, go to Dog Show Arena. This time simply enter your Kennel name and password and click on "Log in". You are now logged into the Main Page of the Arena. On the left-hand side you will see your menu options.

  2. Once you have registered you must upload and identify each dog you wish to show. You do that by clicking on the left hand side menu under "My User Page" where it says "My Models" You are responsible for uploading, writing up your model descriptions and making your own repairs to your show string. You can modify your uploaded dogs at any time by clicking on the "Modify" button.

  3. By clicking on the submit button you agree to allow MDHA to use your photos in all the past results of the shows. If you wish to stop showing your model with MDHA you agree to uncheck the entry form to remove the model from current and future shows. There is no deletion of images once the photo has been uploaded.
  4. To enter an MDHA Show and you have uploaded your dog or dogs; you enter a class in a show by going to the left hand menu on the Main Page. You click on "Enter A Show." That will take you to a page that lists all your models plus a link to "Add New Models". Under the list entitled "MDHA" should be all your dogs images for the MDHA Online Performance or MDHA Conformation Shows. Click on the one you want to enter and that will take you to that dog's page. On that page there should be the "view" on the picture. To enter the model in a show, click the model's name and scroll to the show list on the bottom of the page. That takes you to a list of shows currently taking entries at bottom of the dog's description. You then click on the box to choose the class your dog is entering with that photo. Hit the "Enter" button and then the entry is completed. You can use the back button at any time while in this program or hit "Enter A Show" from the left hand menu to get back to the next entry process.

    Other Menu Items Definitions

    You can check the status of all the shows that are in Check Gate (Shows waiting for all entrants to check their entries), Shows currently being Judged, and Results from all Completed Shows.

    Archived Shows are shows that have results from one year or more previous to the current date.

    Log Out button is used to Log Out of the program. Please be sure to do that so you don't have any problem coming back into the program at a later date.

    Any Problems with the Dog Show Program

    If you have a problem with the dog show program taking your data, navigating it or logging on or off, please email Online Dog Show Program.

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