Model Dog Performance Online Show

Entry Fee: $10.00 per each 100 models you enter. Payment made via Paypal and the button on left side of menu on the Show Arena Page. Payment is due before the first show of each of the show season you enter. This is a one time yearly payment.

Open to Original Finish, Artist Resin, Custom or Stuffed Hardbodied Model Dogs or Puppies. No plush stuffed animals please.

This show is for judging model dogs as entrants attempt to set up photos that mimic real dog performance activities.

Show may be split by adult dog, adult bitch and/or puppy dog and puppy bitch, according to rules and regulations.

D1: Dogs Performance Ruled Show
D2: Agility Dog Show

The best part of this circuit is once you have entered you don't need to resend your jpg unless you are replacing the photo. There is no membership or show entry fee required.

Scheduling for show as follows:

The 10th of Every Month Show
Entry Gate Uploads and Entries - until the 9th at 5 PM PST.

MDHA Dog Performance Classlist
    D1: Dogs Performance Show
    Classes split by adult dog and adult bitch

    1. Search and Rescue Adult
    2. Service Dog
    3. Frisbee
    4. Flyball
    5. Dock Diving
    6. Water Rescue or Boat/Net
    7. Weight Pull
    8. Racing - Calcuttas - Lure Coursing
    9. Hunt or Field Trial
    10. Transportation - Sledding or Carting
    11. CaniX - Handler On Foot
    12. CaniX - Handler with Vehicle
    13. Musical Freestyle
    14. K-9 Dressage
    15. Breed Conformation Handling Adult Handler
    16. Breed Conformation Handling Youth Handler
    17. Rally - 1 Entry Per Dog Per Owner
    18. CGC - 1 Entry Per Dog Per Owner
    19. French Ring Sport - 1 Entry Per Dog Per Owner
    20. Tracking or Schutzhund Phase A (Tracking) - 1 Entry Per Dog Per Owner
    21. Obedience or Schutzhund Phase B (Obedience) - 1 Entry Per Dog Per Owner
    22. Guard or Police or Military Work or Schutzhund Phase C (Protection)
    23. Guardian Cattle
    24. Guardian Sheep
    25. Guardian Goats
    26. Guardian Poultry
    27. Guardian Other Farm/Ranch Animals (no unrealistic or extinct animals)
    28. Herding Cattle
    29. Herding Sheep
    30. Herding Goats
    31. Herding Poultry
    32. Other Farm/Ranch Work (no cattle or exotic no unrealistic or extinct animals)

    D2: Agility
    Classes split between adult dog and adult bitch

    1. Agility A Frame
    2. Agiltiy Dog Walk
    3. Agility Teeter
    4. Agility Jumps
    5. Agility Table
    6. Agility Tire
    7. Agility Open Tunnel
    8. Agility Closed Tunnel
    9. Agility Weave Poles
    10. Agility UKC Hurdles - Log - Window or Other
    11. Agility UKC Pause Box or Pause Ring
    12. Agility UKC Platform - Jump or Water Box
    13. Agility UKC Swing or Sway Bridge
    14. Agility UKC Crawl or Hoops Tunnel - Strips Frame


For more information, email

IKC Model Dog Performance Online
Photo Show Rules

  1. Puppies may not show against adult males or adult females

  2. Unreg: stands for Unregistered, NSQ: Stands for Not Show Quality due to a flaw in the dog per it's registry or breed standard, such as wrong color, uncropped, docked tail, wrong color eyes or nose, etc.

  3. The same photo, i.e. filename, may not be used for more than one event. In particular, performance / activity photos may not be used for conformation entries. It is impossible for the software program to differentiate between points earned for different classes if the same photo [filename] is used more than once. Entries are made using the MDHA PHP Model Dog Show Program. You will find the Main Page at:
    Model Dog Shows

  4. Entrants must join by registering their Kennel Name and receive a password. Please be sure to Name your kennel something easy and to remember the EXACT spelling of the kennel name. \ Entrants will then upload and be responsible for making all entries, deletions and repairs to their images.

  5. Do not name your dogs with prefix or suffix initials or punctuation in the name such as apostrophe, hyphen or commas. You may interfere with the prefix and suffix title achievement awards the program generates to the dogs names after it achieves a set number of points in any division.

    Please do not use any space or punctuation in the User ID (Kennel Name) or in the password. The PHP Program that runs the script and shows can not process these.
    Example User Name: No - Blue Moon's Kennel. Yes - Blues Moons Kennel.
    Example File Name: No - Red_Dawg_tirejump.jpg Yes - RedDawgtirejump.jpg
    Example Dogs Name: No - BMR's Red Dawg Yes - BMRs Red Dawg.

  6. When registerng and uploading your new entries Do Not use a generic image such as a "Coming Soon" photo to represent your entries. Do not make a registration out for any model that you DO NOT HAVE a photo of yet.

  7. Photos must be in .jpg format and no larger than 450 not greater than 450 pixels in width, scanned with a file size of 130k or less. This will be strictly enforced and any other images will be resized by show uploader or deleted at their discretion.

  8. Photos that have been copyrighted, signed or named somewhere on the photo will be allowed as long as the writing or copyright mark does not cover the dog in any manner.

  9. Framed or oval shaped photos will NOT BE allowed.

  10. Model may be flipped in performance in order to have the model be on the correct side of any handler doll but not in conformation. The model itself MAY NOT BE ALTERED IN ANY MANNER. Digital altering of photo backgrounds is allowed for the purpose of hiding any use of support, such as models negotiating an obstacle where the foot support needs to be blended into the obstacle. Models placed upon bases, plexi rods or held up by fishing wire may have those removed from the photo background and from the attaching area of the model. Bases may also be altered to reach the entire length of the photo in order to make the base appear larger and blend into the background or footboard. Photos that are not enhanced in this way are to be judged equally against enhanced photos and should not be penalized for showing supports or footings.

  11. Rule Pertaining to Ownership and Showing of Models: You must own the model you are showing or have show rights to do so. If you sell a model you are currently showing you must either transfer the model to the new owner or unclick the entry from the show and retire the model. The only "official show rights" to a model that is not owned by the exhibitor is to show the model by proxy for the new owner and the new owner must have their ownership stated in the information line.

  12. Unlimited photos per show.

Once you have entered the show you do not have to re enter. The program does that for you. If you have new additions you must send those as stated above.



MDHA Quick Reference Performance Guide

MDHA Dog Performance Guide

Scheduling for show as follows: All Deadlines are for 5 PM PST.

3rd Weekend of Every Month Show
Entry Gate Uploads and Entries - until the Sunday previous.

Titles and Your Dog's Name

The program will generate the Championship Title to the front of your dog's name when it reaches the number of required points listed below:

Champion. 250 points CH placed in front of dog's name.
Superior Champion. 500 points SP CH placed in front of dog's name.
Premier Champion. 1000 points PR CH placed in front of dog's name.
Supreme Champion. 2000 points SUP CH placed in front of dog's name.

The points are given to each photo so in performance you may have a Championship on an obedience photo entry and a Superior Championship on an Agility Teeter photo.

Judges Ranks Badges and Certification Badges

Judges Rank Badges
When you volunteer to judge you can earn Judging Rank Badges based on the number of shows you complete as a judge. The ranks are as follows:
100 Classes = Rank 1
200 Classes = Rank 2
400 Classes = Rank 3
600 Classes = Rank 4
800 Classes = Rank 5
1000 Classes = Rank 6
1200 Classes = Rank 7
1500 Classes = Rank 8
2000 Classes = Rank 9
2500 Classes = Rank 10
3000 Class = Rank Esteem Judge

Judges Certification Badges
There are 10 Judges Conformation Certification Badges that you can earn by testing your knowledge of the 10 different groups of dogs for the Online Group Clubs. The Dog groups are:
Companion or Non Sporting Dogs
Guardian or Working Dogs
Sporting Pointers & Setters
Sporting Spaniel and Retrievers
Hounds - Scent
Hounds - Sighthound & Pariah
Northern Breeds

Judges Certification Badges
There are 11 Judges Performance Certification Badges that you can earn by testing your knowledge of the 10 different examinations of dog performance disciplines for the Online Group Clubs.

The Golden Bone Award
If you achieve the rank of Esteemed Judge, earn all 10 Conformation Badges and all 11 Performance Badges you will earn the highest award The Golden Bone Award.

You badges are proudly displayed to show your achievements on your User Page and after your name in the show results.

You can find the Tests by clicking on the Exam Button on the left hand menu.


Judges should only use the DQ - Disqualify button if :
  1. Model is Incorrectly Entered in Breed Class
  2. Model is Incorrectly Entered in Gender Class
  3. Model is Incorrectly Entered in Age
  4. Photo is Not Displaying
  5. Photo has Not Yet Been Approved
  6. Photo has Missing Handler in a Handler Mandatory Class - FBHR
  7. Photo is Judge's Entry in a Show They Are Judging - The program should automatically DQ and Recuse the judge's dog unless they have more than one account. If that is the case the other account (s) must by DQ'd/Recused by clicking on the Recuse box.

    Notification that the shows are up and ready for judging will be posted to the Modeldogs Message Group at: Model Dog Hobby Association Message Group

    It is advised that you join this message group for up to the minute updates.

We will assume that the sender of the entry is the contact for that entry, but we are not responsible for contacting owners who do not follow this format, are incomplete, or are lost. If you wish to obtain confirmation of your entry, email the submission address under a different subject line.

Dogs that are mis-entered (i.e., placed in the wrong color) will be moved or deleted at the show holders' discretion.

Cynthia Jameson
MDHA President

Last updated April 18, 2018

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