NOTE: Classes may or may not be offered in every club. Check the club you are interested in showing in to make sure the class is on the premium.

Requirements for Dog Performance Classes:

A short explanation of what is meant by...

... Rules:
Many events are offered by more than one association, and often all these organizations have slightly different rules and regulations. We canít list the rules of all the various organizations so we decided on one organization for each event, e.g. AKC, UKC, etc. Of course, you may show under any organizationís rules! But please remember to tell the judge and maybe include a link in your comment line if the rules differ.

... Arena Setting:
Many classes require an arena setting. This may be an indoor arena as well as an outdoor arena. It is sufficient if there is some kind of barrier like a fence, a wall, etc. to give the impression of a fenced arena or trial field. It does not have to be a complete show ring setting with spectators, etc.

... Handler:
Many classes require a handler. In some events only a special kind of clothing is allowed but generally the handler may wear any clothes suitable for training and showing a dog. Dolls used as handlers may use a doll stand but it is advised to cover the stand when possible with whatever flooring material is used.

... Judge/Evaluator:
In most classes a Judge/Evaluator is optional. But he is required in some classes in which he is not only watching the performance but actually taking part. Dolls used as a Judge/Evaluator may use a doll stand but it is advised to cover the stand when possible with whatever flooring material is used.

... Collar:
In most classes a collar or harness of some kind is required. If you have a long-haired dog you may pretend that the collar is hidden by hair but short-haired dogs should wear a collar if required. If a collar is not visible on a long-haired dog, you need to state this in your comment line. There are many different types of collars and most events allow only some types.

... Leash:
Some classes require a leash, in some classes a leash is optional, and in some classes a leash is not allowed. Usually a short leash is used but the leash should be long enough to allow for some slack in it. Some events like Tracking and several Canine Good Citizen Tests and Rally Exercises require a long line. If the dog is performing off leash, the leash is usually out of sight but there are a few events in which the handler may wear the leash around his body.

... Other Props:
These vary from class to class. Be sure to use props that follow the specifications in the regulations, are ideally in scale and look realistic.

IMPORTANT: Your entry will not be marked down or even disqualified if dolls and other props are slightly out of scale!

REMEMBER: This is just an overview! To create realistic performance set-ups you are encouraged to study the rules!

Last Updated: October 1, 2009

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